Vision & Corporate Social Responsibility

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At Vi we make things simple, we know where we add great value and can clearly articulate this to our clients.

Our Vision is to be:

‘The most trusted and respected supplier of Executive Leadership and Personal Impact Coaching.

Our Mission is to

 To be the best, to be different and to enable you to achieve success.

Our Core Values are:


The information you entrust to us is sacrosanct.  We focus on the three-way partnership of Business Leader, Individual being Coached, and the Coach.  If all three of these individuals aren’t aligned and focused on a common goal how could the outcome be?


Our clients trust us to deliver the very best.  The number of long-standing relationships we have developed and the fact our business is built on referrals is proof that we deliver.


We are honest in our appraisals and we request you are honest with your Coach.  This ensures that you get the most from our coaching.


Your success is our success.  Our aim is to enable individuals be amazing, unleashing talents you may have never known you had.


We are dedicated to your success.  New discoveries in leadership development are always being made.  We stay at the leading edge of coaching capability to ensure you receive the most up to date training for today’s environment.


Our training is designed to be positive, empowering and above all enjoyable.  This makes it memorable and easy to recall and use in everyday situations.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Vi International

Employees and Consultants

We believe it is important to enable the people who work with us to maximise their work life balance. We enable that by being flexible and understanding – it’s part of our DNA.


Vi work in partnership with our chosen Charity.


We are energy efficient as possible. We believe in recycling everything we can and minimising waste. We always ensure we are acting to reduce our Carbon footprint.


We always think how we can maximise your investment – save you time & money wherever we can. We always ensure you get a return on your investment.