Privacy Policy

At Vi International we have our own policy for recruiting new Coaches and performance evaluation.  Coaching is evolving and becoming more of a profession in its own right.  Vi intends to stay at the forefront by developing rigorous professional standards and offering our clients the best available.  As such Vi’s coaching process continues to evolve and develop.

Here is a link to a PDF which outlines the coaching competencies from the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Vi expects its consultants to be fully competent in all these areas as a minimum standard.

The ICF web address is: http:

Quality Control

After the first coaching session, the team member with responsibility for Quality Control contacts the client to check that the client is comfortable with the “fit” with the coach.  In the event that the “fit” is not working, feedback will be sought from the coach and alternative arrangements made. This will be followed up via supervision.  At random, coaching notes will also be checked to ensure that Vi’s rigorous high standards are being achieved.  Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Client Evaluation

At the end of the Executive Development Programme, a feedback questionnaire will be sent to the client to gain the client’s evaluation on their experience of coaching, including:

  • Checking that the Programme achieved its goals
  • Suggested improvements
  • The Coach
  • Vi support team and administration.