23 May 2017

The one activity you should micro manage!

From the 20 years of experience I have in the industry I can tell you one thing. If recruiters are working poor quality jobs they will 1) not make any money 2) lose motivation for the job 3) lose confidence and then 4) leave or you will ask them to leave.

Job quality should be at the top of your priority list every day as a manager. Obviously you will train them how to do this but one training session is not enough. You train it, you train it again, you listen to their calls and you sign off every job until you are satisfied they can make the right decisions about what to work (versus cover) when to work what job and how long to work it for. If you don’t do this you are failing them.

When consultants have experience you should still have job quality as a priority on your agenda. They can get sloppy, cut corners and fall into habits with certain clients. So don’t leave analysing job quality until there is a problem, spot check it regularly.

If you are not constantly reviewing your CV:interview ratio then you don’t have your eyes on the money. It doesn’t matter whether you work a client or a candidate driven market, poor quality jobs = poor quality recruitment. Can you afford to pay your consultants for resourcing and not recruiting?

My manager used to do a jobs MOT with me every Monday when I was a permanent consultant and when I worked contract, I was only allowed to work jobs if I had agreed times for CV feedback (as a bare minimum) or provisional interview slots. If something went wrong in the process the job spec form was taken out and we diagnosed what I hadn’t done properly. Yes micro management, but job quality is one thing you always want to micro manage.

If you have a high CV:interview ratio your consultants are either not dealing with the decision maker, not dealing with a client who is committed to hire or have not demonstrated enough credibility with the client to get commitment. When you diagnose the issue you can implement the right solution.

To say it again, if you don’t have your eyes on this critical area, your people will fail. So put this at the top of your to-do list tomorrow and build in weekly time slots for spot checking, what doesn’t get spot checked, doesn’t get done!