16 Jan 2017

Leaders – are you brave enough to take your clothes off?

Had a great day today with 7 Senior managers and Directors from a global Data & Analytics recruiter feeding back their Leadership 360 Survey reports. Full respect for starting the year by having a look in the mirror and taking some honest opinions on the chin!

When working with non billing recruitment managers or directors, I love the ESCI Emotional Intelligence survey because it rates you on self perception, how others see you and compares your results to a global norm group of senior managers. There is no hiding with this one! Plus, you get to see how different groups of people see you – manager v your direct reports v significant others v peers. This isn’t a mirror, it is a microscope on your leadership strengths and weaknesses!

How brave are you???

Doing my prep, I read about a recent survey the Hay Group did which shows the correlation between leadership, emotional intelligence and business results. 92% of leaders with high self awareness had positive environments and better business results compared to 78% of managers with low self awareness having a demotivated work force and poorer results. We can’t call EQ the ‘soft stuff’ any longer! Results can be measured!

You need a licensed practitioner to use this survey if you are interested but would definitely recommend it if you are brave enough to start the year with a reality check. The higher up you go in an organisation the more likely it is you will have blind spots, so are you ready to take your clothes off in front of the mirror and see the real truth?