08 Feb 2017

Call yourself a ‘specialist’? yawn, yawn, yawn

So the estate agent says to me – ‘Hannah, what do you do for a job?’ I said ‘I train people how to sell and negotiate’. He said,’ I wish you had told me that before I came into your house’. Actually I am pleased to say he passed my high standards. Despite starting off by saying the word ‘specialist’ which anyone that knows me will know that I hate unless you can prove that you are and don’t have 3 months experience. OK he said ‘the word’ but then he showed me a pie chart directly from Right Move to show that indeed he was specialist at selling apartments in Bath and not only that, the stats showed how many his company had sold in the last quarter against his competitors. Then he showed me 10 apartments he had sold in my local area and he showed me the minimum prices they were marketed at (offers in excess of) and then told me what they had gone for the them in end. At least 15% more. Then he said they were more expensive than their competitors and told me why.
So, was I sold? Yes. But only because price is my main driver, I am not in a rush to sell and I need a ‘specialist’ to do that job for me who can drive the highest price possible. Have I negotiated? Yes. If they sell under my agreed minimum their fee will be lowered but it is a ’10’ from me for a sales pitch.

So what can we learn from this?. Don’t say you are a specialist unless you are and can prove it with tangible evidence. Don’t say you have made loads of placements in your sector, show me exactly with who and how many and over what period of time. And back yourself, if you don’t deliver say you will drop you fee.

So let’s see if they deliver.